Benefits of blood test at home

Laboratory tests are usually done as part of a routine check up to look for any indications that might affect your health. Blood tests are a common medium to identify any disease or condition that might persist in your body. However, if you feel that you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to go to a laboratory to make the tests, then you can easily opt for the blood test test at home facility offered by most of the reputed labs.

The blood test at home feature is also helpful for elderly patients or sick people who cannot physically visit a lab to get the tests done. It would also be convenient for people who have to travel long distances. With the Covid 19 pandemic, the number of people preferring to do the tests at homes is also increasing. This way they can avoid standing in long queues and interacting with people who might have communicable diseases. If you have been prescribed routine blood checks, you can easily get them done at home by booking online. And of course, there are other benefits to doing the lab test at home too. Let’s check them out.

Why having the blood tests at home is getting popular

Better options and access

With the convenience of getting your blood tested at home, you can have your choice of laboratory among the many that might be there in your area. It would also be a great help to people who stay far from any laboratories, who actually find it a hassle to travel to get the tests done. The lab technicians will come with all the modern technologies for collecting the blood samples.

Convenience, of course

Remote blood sample collection will definitely help you stay at home when you are sick. You don’t have to physically visit the lab, and interact with people who might have some illness or the other. And if you are sick yourself, you will not have to worry about spreading it. The technicians for the lab test at home would come to your house, fully protected and covered, so that’s another worry less.

Less painful method

The technicians carry small, volumetrically accurate equipment to collect the blood samples, making it a very convenient experience for the patient. It is much better than several self-sampling devices and definitely more accurate, less painful and less stressful.


The best thing about doing the lab test at home is that you can save a lot of time. It would easily fit in with your busy schedule. And the labs offer a wide range of diagnostic tests, all through home collection services. This would also be majorly useful for people who don't want to reveal their health condition by visiting a laboratory in public. So confidentiality is maintained as well. Altogether it would be a win-win situation for you. The samples are collected safely and with due diligence, the technicians have protocols in collecting the samples so they will remain viable until the testing is completed, and the results sent virtually.