Everything You Need To Know About New Born Baby Care

Welcoming a newborn into the household can be one of the happiest moments ever. But then comes the seemingly overwhelming task of looking after the tiny life that’s entrusted to your care. If you are worried about new born baby care, don’t be. You can take little baby steps in this journey by following this guide. We can support you with everything related to nursing at home, care for your baby at home and so on. Enjoy this biggest milestone of your life, and make it loving and memorable. After all, a happy, healthy mom has a happy, healthy baby.

New born baby care starts from coming home from the hospital

At the hospital, you have experts to help with your baby and provide timely advice on home care in UAE. They would give you useful tips on how to be a competent mother in terms of baby care, and how to nurse well. Even though it might seem overwhelming at first, just follow the tips, and you can have a beautiful journey with your baby. But once you come home, you will need guidance on new born baby care, and how to anticipate your baby’s needs.

New born baby care hygiene tips

It is very important to be hygienic around your newborn. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after feeding. Even if you haven’t touched anything that looks contaminated, it would be wise to be cautious. If you are bottle-feeding, ensure the bottles are heated well, and the bottles themselves are washed and sterilised between feeds. Follow essential hygiene when you change diapers and use only cotton pads and wipes to clean baby bottoms and ensure the skin is completely dry before you put on new diapers. This is an integral part of new born baby care because failing to do so would result in rashes and itchy bottoms.

Things to remember while nursing at home

One of the biggest bonding with your newborn happens when you nurse, so try to breastfeed as much as possible. Create a rhythm/schedule for the nursing time, and your baby will quickly follow into routine. Our home care in UAE advises on efficient nursing at home so you can take care of your baby during the initial phase of their growing up stage. As part of new born baby care, we will teach you how to nurse well, how to understand the needs of your baby, how to burp the child, and how to put him/her to sleep after every meal.
You can easily make parenting an enjoyable journey, both for you and your spouse, with a happy little bundle of joy looking at you with utmost love and devotion. New born baby care is a full-time job, but a job for which the remuneration is in terms of hugs, kisses and lots of love. That’s well worth it. So don't worry about the initial hiccups, you can get over it, and become a super mom or dad.