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New born baby care services in Ajman

We at NAS Home Healthcare support you with the sensitive journey of birth by emphasizing that specialized care for mothers and their newborns is very important. Our mission is determined by the fact that this crucial point should be treated not only in a medical sense but also with compassionate support adjusted to distinctive needs of infants and mothers. If you are looking for new born baby care services in Ajman, we at NAS Home Healthcare are there for you.

Newborn Baby Care Services:

We provide a comprehensive range of specialized support for your little ones with our new born baby care services in Ajman:
• Routine Check-ups: Regular health assessments to monitor growth and development.
• Feeding Assistance: Nutritional advice from an expert in breastfeeding and formula feeding.
• Newborn Immunizations: Providing timely vaccinations to protect against possible health threats.
• Parental Education: Identifying fundamental knowledge for empowered caregiving.

baby care services
Mother care services

Maternal Care Services

Maternity Care services in our facility offer caring assistance to mothers making this journey into motherhood as smooth and easy. Key offerings include:
• Postpartum Health Monitoring: Regular physical and emotional checks on the mother.
• Breastfeeding Support: Guidance from the experts to help make breast feeding a positive experience.
• Nutritional Counseling: Specific dietary recommendations to help with postpartum healing.
• Emotional Well-being Support: Understanding the significance of mental health and giving emotional aid after delivery.

Why Choose Us?

• Comprehensive and Specialized Care: NAS Home Healthcare provides a comprehensive service as it ensures that both the newborns and their mothers receive treatment according to unique requirements of each case.
• Empathetic and Experienced Team: Our team is made up of healthcare professionals who not only have experience but also empathy, creating an environment that welcomes new families in a compassionate and caring manner.
• Dedication to Postpartum Well-being: We place significant emphasis on postpartum care, acknowledging that the well-being of mothers is integral to the overall health and happiness of the family.

Choose NAS Home Healthcare for an unparalleled beginning where specialized care, empathy, and comprehensive support converge for the health and joy of both newborns and mothers. Call us at +971-6-534-7686 or +971-50-743-4312 to book a consultation or if you have any queries.

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