How physiotherapy helps to treat severe back pain

Have you seen the images of man’s evolution? From curved backs we have been able to stand erect over centuries, one of the reasons why some of our ancestors are called homo-erectus.

It is an irony that the posture of modern man has changed to simulate the backs of our ancestors, laments some experts who provide physiotherapy at home in Sharjah. Life has changed. Our new work cultures which involves sitting for a really long time, without stretches or movement has changed the condition of our backs drastically.

Now it has begun to kickback us with pain, afflicting a major share of man at their 30s and 40s. This doesn’t mean posture problems are the only cause hurting our back. Back pain have several other causes too. The point is that our lifestyle have a major role in back pains.

So what are those other causes? How can we effectively cure it?

As the ailment prevent some of us from doing our day to day activity, is it a boon to have experts providing physiotherapy at home?

Here are some causes of back pain:

  • Life style: As mentioned by the physiotherapy experts who provide physiotherapy at home in Sharjah, our lifestyle and sedentary work as well as learning culture have been causing back pain.
  • Ageing: Experts says that ageing which cause weakening of our muscles could be a cause of back pain.
  • Over work: While sitting and doing nothing for a really long time could weaken our muscles and tissues, over loading our body with work which involves lifting heavy weights can also negatively affect our vertebra and associated body parts. A wrong posture while lifting weights is highly likely to cause an injury.
  • Over weight: There is a limit for our ligaments and body parts. Not just an external weight, a disproportionate excessive weight can also harm them. So obesity can also results in back pain says experts providing physiotherapy at home.
  • Other reasons for severe back pain ranges from severe ailments to smoking.

    While any of these reasons could cause back pain, doing nothing and taking rest might not help relieve your pain if it is so chronic that the pain lasts for more than four to six weeks, says experienced physiotherapists like NAS Home Health Care who provides physiotherapy at home in Sharjah.

How does physiotherapy help to treat severe back pain?

  • Personalised therapy: experienced therapist who gives physiotherapy at home, starts the therapy only after understanding your lifestyle, diet and medical history. Such an understanding makes them capable of giving only the required exercises to help your case. Thus physiotherapy will focus on the necessary treatment only.
  • Relaxing treatment: As your condition is chronic it might also affect your mind which in turn over strain your muscles. Back pain can also come from emotional damage. So it is necessary to subscribe to a treatment which caters to your mental health also.

As it is a sensitive case which could have had multiple causes, and inclined to be injurious by resting as well as over workouts, it is important to seek help from a knowledgeable physiotherapist who is informed on the functioning of your muscles.

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