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Blood Test at Home

SNAS Home Healthcare understands that convenient and accessible healthcare services are critical. Our Lab Test at Home services enable us to take our team of highly qualified professionals directly into the comforts of your home. With a main interest in creating smooth experiences, we specialize in providing an array of lab tests while blood test remained obligatory.

Lab Tests Offered at Home

Our Lab Test at Home services cover a large number of tests, ranging from simple to complex health concerns. NAS Home Healthcare provides you with the right tests, from standard general health screenings to more specialized diagnostic tests to maintain your well-being. For instance, our focus on conducting blood tests at home highlights the importance of providing basic health diagnostics close to consumers.

lab Test at Home
Blood Test at Home

Tests conducted by NAS Home Healthcare

• Blood Glucose Monitoring: Manage diabetes effectively by conveniently tracking your blood sugar level at home.
• Serum Electrolytes: Test essential minerals in your body with a simple home test for electrolyte levels as they are vital to overall health.
• Complete Blood Count (CBC): This includes detailed blood analysis, encompassing red and white cells to offer information on your general well-being and immune system.
• Lipid Profile: Evaluate cholesterol levels and lipid parameters at home that helps in determining cardiovascular health and metabolism of the lipids.
• Uric Acid: Monitor uric acid levels with in-home testing that are crucial for preventing and managing conditions like gout and kidney stones.
• Liver Enzymes: Determine the liver function by measuring enzyme levels at home, thereby helping in early detection and treatment of conditions related to it.

Advantages of Home Lab Tests

• Convenience: Through the Blood Test at Home services offered by NAS Home Healthcare, you will no longer have to visit a healthcare facility. Schedule a test whenever you want, and our professional technicians will visit your home from door to door.
• Time-Saving: Avoid travel time and queuing at a clinic. The services offered by us save your precious time so that you can concentrate on other activities in the day while keeping yourself healthy.
• Comfort and Privacy: Take these simple lab tests in the comfort of your own surroundings and privacy, while relaxing at home. NAS Home Healthcare focuses on your comfort and maintains a private testing room.

Qualification and Experience for NAS Healthcare’s Lab Technicians

All our lab technicians are highly-qualified professionals who have lots of experience in performing blood test at home. All technicians are certified and trained to operate under the highest standards of precision and care. NAS Healthcare shows the commitment to excellence, including proficiency of our technicians which makes results accurate and reliable.

Why choose us?

• Expertise: We have many years of experience in healthcare services which includes lab tests at home.
• Customized Solutions: We modify our Lab Test at Home services to suit your individual health needs, providing a personalized service with regard to your overall wellbeing.
• Reliability: NAS Home Healthcare boasts in reliability of services. We consider all your health care journey, from precise test results to punctual appointments.

Choose the wise decision for your health – opt for NAS Home Healthcare’s Lab Test at Home services in UAE. Experience convenience and reliability as we deliver vital healthcare to your doorstep.

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