Home Healthcare Services in Sharjah

Nas Home Healthcare: Transforming Lives in Sharjah

At NAS Home Healthcare, we are committed to redefining health care by offering personalized and complete services at your doorstep. We realize the importance of home care and we strive to provide high-quality services that meet unique needs of individuals and families in this region.

Overview of Services Offered:

Explore more about the comfortable home healthcare services in Sharjah, aimed at boosting health and improving life quality for our community.

• Home Nursing: We have a team of skilled and compassionate nursing team that provides expert medical care right in the comfort of your home for a seamless recovery process.
• Physiotherapy: Receive individualized physiotherapy sessions at home, focusing on different musculoskeletal conditions and supporting excellent physical health.
• Elderly Care: We are uniquely positioned to provide extensive care for the elderly, helping them with regular activities and health monitoring as well their social life.
• Mother & Baby Care: We specialize in assisting mothers and babies by providing postnatal care, breastfeeding advice, necessary medical assistance for the mother as well child during this vital stage.

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