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New Born Baby Care Services in Sharjah

We focus on the special needs of this priceless journey by going beyond traditional healthcare. Newborns and mothers get specialized services that are aimed to improve the health of both, creating a healthy connection between mother and child. If you are looking for new born baby care services in Sharjah, we are there for you.

Importance of Newborn Baby Care Services:

In our dedicated Newborn Baby Care services, we provide a range of specialized support for your little ones, including:
• Routine Check-ups: Monitoring growth and development through regular health assessment.
• Feeding Assistance: We provide expert guidance on breastfeeding and formula feeding for optimal nutrition.
• Newborn Immunizations: Vaccinate promptly to protect against potential health threats.
• Parental Education: Providing parents with necessary knowledge for confident caregiving.

Mother Baby care in Sharjah
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Midwife Services in Sharjah

NAS Home Healthcare offers expert midwife services Sharjah offering comprehensive support to expecting mothers throughout their journey towards motherhood. We have a team of highly qualified and compassionate midwives who ensure a safe and positive childbirth experience. Be it prenatal education or personalized birthing plans or labor assistance or postpartum care, our midwives bring their expert guidance to empower mothers-to-be. For those looking for midwife services in Sharjah, we are there to assist you at every step as you transition towards parenthood.

Importance of Postpartum Care for Mothers:

NAS Home Healthcare recognizes that postpartum care is very significant, as it identifies the time after childbirth a crucial stage for mothers. As a specialised service, we offer extensive services that work to create a smooth transition into motherhood by focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects for an effective recovery period to commence good beginnings.

• Physical Recovery: We ensure a supported physical recovery for mothers at NAS Healthcare addressing uterine healing, care of C-section wound and restoring energy levels.
• Emotional Well-being: Our postpartum care addresses emotional health, understands hormonal fluctuations and providing sources to assist with coping emotionally.
• Breastfeeding Support: Specialized advice ensures a successful breastfeeding experience as well, by addressing concerns and education about proper feeding.
• Mental Health: Emotional support, counseling and resources for conditions like postpartum depression or anxiety are available on the NAS Home Healthcare platform.
• Bonding and Family Dynamics: Our services help families navigate through postpartum changes, promote good relationships between family members and provide a nurturing atmosphere for mother and newborn.
• Nutritional Counseling: One-on-one nutritional counseling is offered to help the mother recuperate and receive necessary nutrition for her as well as the newborn.
• Monitoring and Preventive Care: Following the death of a newborn child, postpartum check-ups are held regularly to track health and spot potential complications at an early stage in order for them not cause stress during recovery process.

Why Choose Us:

• Specialized Expertise: Specializing Nas Healthcare in newborn and maternal care mean that they can provide specialist advice and support at a time when it is needed most.
• Holistic Approach: We understand the interconnected needs of both newborns and mothers. Our holistic approach addresses physical health, emotional well-being, and provides comprehensive care for a harmonious postpartum experience.
• Empathetic and Compassionate Care: NAS Home Healthcare values the emotional aspect of this journey, offering empathetic and compassionate care that extends beyond medical assistance, creating a nurturing environment for both newborns and mothers.

Choose NAS Home Healthcare for specialized and compassionate care that prioritizes the well-being of both newborns and mothers, ensuring a positive start to the beautiful journey of parenthood. Call us at +971-6-534-7686 or +971-50-743-4312 to book a consultation or if you have any queries.

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