5 Reasons Why to Get Your Sugar & Cholesterol Tested at Home

Are you also the one who has now turned towards lab test at home? In the wake of the covid pandemic, less people are going to labs for blood testing and blood draws. As a result, more patients choose to have their blood samples drawn at home. In an effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading, many patients are delaying necessary tests and treatments. Health institutions have adopted new procedures and technology as a result of these changes, allowing patients to safely do blood collection or self-tests at home. Here let’s see some of the reasons why to get your blood tests at home:

  • Hassle-Free

    It's as simple to get a home lab test as peeling a banana. You don't need to check your calendar or schedule an appointment; the procedure is straightforward. A patient may book their laboratory test with just a few clicks because there are thousands of laboratory testing services available. The duration of laboratory testing is limitless, and the patient may choose to have the tests performed on the weekends or during the week. It's time to arrange a lab test according to your availability.

  • Better Comfort

    The technique enhances the patient experience because it is less unpleasant and stressful than venepuncture blood draws and is simpler to use than other self-sampling devices. Patients can obtain accurate blood samples at home, reducing the number of visits required for follow-up medical care, such as therapeutic drug monitoring.

  • Safer

    The collection of blood remotely encourages patient and healthcare professional safety. Patients do not need to go to a clinic to get their blood drawn or tested. Instead, collection kits for drawing blood are mailed to the patient. Patients send their samples to the lab for analysis by mail in the provided envelope. Traditional blood draws are being quickly replaced by the patient-centric approach to blood collection.

  • Convenience

    Clinical trials will continue to play a crucial role in research even after the pandemic. When trial volunteers are unable to visit the trial facility, remote sampling offers a handy alternative. Many microsampler and Blood Collection Kits are now being used by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the COVID-19 clinical studies. Participants can order the remote sample kit by calling the NIH, and it will be sent to their homes. Participants return their blood samples through mail to NIH for laboratory evaluation.

  • Viability

    Many doctor's offices, clinics, and labs have been compelled to cut staff hours, lower compensation, and suspend 410(k) matching because patients are refusing in-person blood draws and lab testing.
    Many healthcare institutions who are unable to quickly adopt telehealth and the technologies that support it are suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In today's world, doctors who embrace telemedicine nevertheless require labs and employees who can analyse distant test samples.

  • NAS Home Health Care Conducts Lab Tests at Home

    A team of certified phlebotomists or lab assistants will visit your home at the time scheduled if you schedule a home lab test. They will bring the equipment required to collect blood samples and carefully store them so they can be used up until the lab test is performed.
    The testing is carried out using sterile devices to preserve the integrity of the blood samples. Our team at NAS Home Health Care is knowledgeable and adheres to stringent ethical standards, emphasising accurate testing and providing proper nursing at home Because our expert staff knows how to preserve the sample's integrity, you need not worry about the viability of the results. To ensure reliable testing, our team is also trained in safe blood-drawing techniques.